Luiz Conceição, was born in Vila do Porto, in the Azores (1952), graduated as an architect at Lisbon College of Fine Arts (1978). Completed a PhD at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, with the theme “The consecration of water through architecture, for a water architecture” (1997).

He was Professor at Lusíada University, at the Faculty of Architecture of University of Lisbon, Professor and Director of the Architecture courses at Moderna University of Setúbal, Lusófona University of Lisbon and Manuel Teixeira Gomes Higher Institute, in Portimão.

In 2007, he ran for president of the Order of Architects with the motto “For an Order of values”. He was a member of EAAE – The European Association for Architectural Education and Researcher at the Center for Territory, Culture and Development Studies, Lusófona University of Lisbon.


The Luiz Conceição Award was instituted, in 2020, by the Integrated master’s degree in architecture of ISMAT – Manuel Teixeira Gomes Higher Institute – MIA.ISMAT. The prize is awarded annually and aims to distinguish the work of students from the 1st to the 6th semester of architecture studies, enrolled in national and international educational institutions. Will be admitted works for the two semesters of the academic year immediately preceding that of the respective edition of the Luiz Conceição Award.


  1. May participate Architecture Project and/or Urban Design works (regardless of their designation) carried out between the first and sixth semester by students enrolled in Architecture of national and international institutions of higher education in architecture, during the academic year in which the prize takes place, or that have ended in the year immediately previous.
  2. Only works carried out during the academic year immediately preceding that of the edition of the Prize, to which they are applying, will be admitted.
  3. The Luiz Conceição Award distinguishes one winning work and one honourable mention. Exceptionally, if the jury recognizes equal merit for more than one work, it will be awarded more
    than an Ex aequo award. In the event that the Jury finds that no application proves worthy of the prize, it will not be awarded, the jury reserves the option of award a second honourable mention.
  4. The winning entry is awarded the amount of one thousand and five hundred euros. The honourable mention is awarded the amount of six hundred euros. The prize is awarded singularly to the work, regardless of the number of authors. If more than one Ex aequo winner is nominated, the prize amount is divided equally between the awarded works.
  5. 5. All competitors whose works are admitted to the competition receive a certificate participation.


  1. Works carried out within the scope of the Curricular Units for Project of Architecture and/or Urban Design (regardless of its designation) of the first sixth semesters of studies in Architecture carried out in national or international institutions of university education.
  2. There is no limit imposed on the number of works proposed to competition for each educational establishment and/or stedent(s).
  3. The theme is free.


  1. 1. The application process is carried out by the student(s) and delivered in digital format – PDF format, with a maximum of 25Mb – through the application form – which must include all identification elements of the work and its author(s), as well as from the educational institution, curricular unit and academic semester.
  2. The application form will be available on the website: www.ismat.pt
  3. The application processes must be duly validated by the educational institution for which the student(s) competes, accompanied by a declaration proving the student’s registration (name, academic year and curricular unit to which the work in competition corresponds).
  4. The application processes are presented on a maximum of two A1 panels (240dpi), arranged vertically, without identifying the student(s) or the institution to which they belong.
  5. The texts and subtitles on panels A1 must be written in Portuguese and English.
  6. The A1 panels, the declaration and the application form (in PDF format) must be submitted by email to: premio.luiz.conceicao@ismat.pt
  7. Each work will be assigned a number and its identity will only be known to the jury members, after the final classification has been assigned.


  1. The evaluation of the works is done in two phases. The first establishes a panel of ten finalist works. The second will establish the winning work and the one Honourable Mention.
  2. In the first phase, all the works submitted to the competition are gathered, which will be analysed individually by all members of the jury. Each member of the jury individually suggests ten works that he considers having the necessary quality to proceed to the next phase. This phase is closed by a jury meeting, designed to select the ten finalist works, after weighing the ratings given by the seven jurors. The President of the Jury is casting vote in case of equal votes.
  3. In the second phase takes place a joint appraisal of the ten finalist works by the seven elements of the jury. The classification of the works is voted and defined. The President of the Jury is casting vote in case of equal votes.
  4. The announcement of the results will be made public through publication on the website.
  5. An exhibition will then be held with the ten finalist works.


  1. The jury consists of seven elements:
    1. Two Professors from the scientific area of architecture and/or urbanism at MIA.ISMAT;
    2. Two Professors in the scientific architecture and/or urbanism field from other National Higher Education Institutions;
    3. A Professor in the scientific field of architecture and/or urbanism from other International Higher Education Institutions;
    4. An architect exercising professional activity;
    5. A representative of the Regional Section of the Algarve of the Order of Architects;
    6. In each Edition, the direction of the Award appoints, from among the judges, the President of the Jury.
  2. Teaching staff whose students’ works are prize candidates, is not legible for member of the Jury.
  3. The Jury can meet in person or by video conference.
  4. The constitution of the jury is announced annually with the opening of the application.
  5. The jury will consist of a President and six members.


  1. Opening of the competition: 19th of January 2024
  2. Applications open until: 1st of May 2024
  3. Appointment of the jury until: 8th of May 2024
  4. Announcement of the 10 finalist works: 1st of June 2024
  5. Announcement of the winners and delivery of the prizes will take place in June, at the commemorative ceremony of the ISMAT’s commemorative day.
  6. Payment of premiums will be made during the following academic year.
  7. Exhibition of finalist works: Inauguration in June, inserted in the celebrations of the day of ISMAT.

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